Regional Project Prioritization List
Regional Project Prioritization (RPP) lists are developed by Regional Development Corporations (RDCs) to identify projects of priority and importance in the region using input from Regional Planning Commissions, municipalities, partners, and communities. The regional lists express the highest priority projects for each region and the top ten projects from each region will be included in a consolidated statewide list submitted to the Agency of Commerce, who will share it with other funders, to be used by state and federal funders when making funding decisions.

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To meet the different needs of Vermont’s diverse economy, GBIC partners with a number of organizations and agents of Economic Development and works with businesses to find their best fit in resources and support.

  • Vermont Department of Economic Development: Vermont’s Government department dedicated to growing businesses in our state.
  • Vermont Small Business Development Center: VtSBDC provides low-cost training programs and no-cost mentoring to help strengthen existing businesses and grow start-ups.
  • Vermont Manufacturing Extension Center: With a home office located on the Vermont Technical College campus in Randolph Center, Vermont, VMEC operates throughout the state assisting small and medium sized manufacturers with increasing productivity, reducing costs and providing assistance with utilizing and incorporating new technologies and services.
  • Vermont Agency of Commerce and Community Development: The Agency of Commerce works to enhance the Vermont business climate, marketing Vermont to tourists and others, and strengthening Vermont communities in a wide variety of ways.
  • Vermont Information Technology Center: Helps small businesses implement and effectively apply Information Technologies in their operations while also supporting the statewide education infrastructure necessary to see future IT development.
  • Vermont Global Trade Partnership: For those businesses looking to enter or expand sales into foreign markets, the Global Trade Partnership can be a powerful tool for facilitating opportunities and providing expertise in realizing international trade partnerships.